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The anti-aging treatments that we provide are upstream anti-aging treatments. An upstream anti-aging treatment is a treatment that treats the source of aging, which is at the cellular level. Most anti-aging treatments, such as hormones, vitamins and anti-oxidants only treat the symptoms. That’s why they fail to reverse aging and often only have a superficial temporary effect. I refer to those treatments as downstream treatments because they don’t treat the cause or upstream event. Our upstream anti-aging treatments have been developed based on the world body of scientific knowledge of aging pathways. The treatments that we use are designed to safely treat the cause of cellular aging and to help the cells of our body to maintain the ability to divide into new cells. This is essential so that cells that have died can be replaced by new cells. We are proud to provide these modern scientific, safe, upstream anti-aging treatments to our patients.

Modern science has enabled us to discover many of the mechanisms and pathways that are involved in cellular aging. There are very complex biological processes that are responsible for the health, normal replication and maintenance of cells. When we talk about aging, we are really talking about the cells of our body. There are genes, proteins and enzymes that either promote healthy cellular maintenance or can accelerate aging. There has been a lot of talk about pathways such as mTOR and senescent “zombie” cells. These are just a few of the many players that are responsible for the fate of our health, wellness and longevity. We have known some of the many ways to shift the balance towards longevity with treatments such as intermittent fasting, exercise and the use of various supplements such as Resveratrol. However, there are many more powerful and effective supplements that have been discovered thanks to modern science which are extremely beneficial, such as NAD. There are also ways to reduce the senescent “zombie” cell burden to the body.

Reducing the senescent cells, however, has to be done carefully otherwise it can actually accelerate aging. NAD treatments, although extremely beneficial to all of the cells of the body, can also inadvertently fuel the senescent “zombie” cells. Therefore, it is very important to treat the senescent “zombie” cell burden before initiating various anti-aging treatments such as NAD.

VSELs are very small embryonic like stem cells that circulate in your blood in an inactive form.  Using various techniques, these cells can be isolated and activated to provide powerful anit-aging effects.  They also produce an enzyme has the potential to increase telomere length of DNA.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that DNA telomeres shorten with each cell division and when they become too short a cell can no longer divide. Therefore, any treatment that has the potential to increase telomere length has powerful anti-aging effects.  Few practices in the country and able to offer this treatment at this time.

These anti-aging pathways and treatments are also intimately linked to regenerative medicine treatments since, for example without dealing with senescent cells the regenerative treatments are less effective. Understanding the proper use of these treatments is extremely important for those who are seeking optimum health, well-being and longevity.

I spent many years researching and developing protocols to incorporate this technology into my medical practice for the benefit of my patients, myself and my family. I am very pleased to be able to offer these treatments to my patients.