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Radio Interview by Dr. Lindsey Berkson, host of Dr. Berkson radio show. Episode 99: Back Pain, New Therapies

Category: Podcast

“Dr. Lindsey Berkson hosts a radio show. She uses this radio platform to interview a number of experts in a variety of medical fields to provide up to date information on medical breakthroughs and new treatments.

Recently, she spoke with Dr. Bleiweiss on her show regarding the many benefits of treating disc herniation, joint and muscle pain with medical oxygen ozone injection therapy and how this safe and effective ozone therapy should be considered by patients instead of back surgery or joint surgery.

In this radio interview, you will learn what makes medical ozone injection therapy so superior to surgery for painful orthopedic conditions. You will find answers to the following topics:

  • What is the safest way to severe herniated disc syndrome with on-going pain?
  • How does this compare to conventional treatments?
  • Who is and who is not a candidate?
  • Why aren’t many doctors doing these techniques in the US?
  • How quickly does a patient get pain relief?
  • What other pain conditions and injuries can oxygen ozone injection therapy treat successfully?