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Upstream Anti-Aging

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Aging starts at the cellular level.

Upstream anti-aging treatment protocols focus on this root cause of the aging process.   New scientific discoveries and technology have enabled us to develop healthy and natural treatments to help rejuvenate the cells of our body so they can thrive. The goal of upstream anti-aging is to turn back the “aging clock” in order to return to a healthier and more vibrant version of ourselves.

By contrast, downstream anti-aging protocols treat the problem after it has occurred.  A good example of this is supplementing men with testosterone to increase muscle mass and sexual function.  The problem with downstream anti-aging is that it does not treat the source of the problem. Downstream anti-aging treatments also have significant side effects.  For example, there is an increased risk of certain types of cancer with testosterone and estrogen supplementation.

Dr. Bleiweiss has been researching and studying the science of anti-aging for years.  He utilizes advanced regenerative, effective and safe protocols. He has developed a multipronged approach.  These upstream anti-aging services focus on renewing and rejuvenating the cells of our body which ultimately slows the aging process, providing us with more energy, vibrancy and positivity.

We Offer a Number of Powerful Upstream Anti-Aging Treatments

  • Oxygen Ozone Therapy: Rejuvenates your back and stimulating healing through a minimally invasive procedure. As a peer-reviewed procedure with decades of results, it’s a time-tested way to improve your quality of life.
  • Vitamins & Supplement IV infusions: Vitamin supplements taken in pill form don’t offer the same immediacy and efficient absorption that IV infusions do. There are many different types of infusion based on your specific needs, including boosting immune system, boosting mental sharpness, or enhancing physical recovery and performance.
  • VSELs Infusion Therapy: VSEL or Very Small Embryonic-Like cells have been found to provide immense benefit to patients with conditions such as spinal cord injuries.1 Our VSEL therapy can help harness your body’s own healing abilities to encourage regeneration and recovery.
  • NAD+ Infusion Therapy: Enhancing gene functionality and sharpening the mind with NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Studies have found that NAD+ and its related treatments are able to provide results for countering the effects of degeneration 2 in the body and the mind 3.
  • Vitamin C Infusion: Fortify your immune system with a high but safe level of Vitamin C that can help you fight off disease such as colds or the flu. Vitamin C infusions is the equivalent to eating 15 kilograms of oranges! Vitamin C is also an antioxidant with anti-aging properties 4 on your skin.
  • Glutathione Infusion: As an antioxidant with cell protection properties, glutathione is important to protecting your body against the harmful effects of free radicals that cause the worst effects of aging. Studies 5 have shown that glutathione has positive benefits for skin properties, including wrinkle reduction.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) Infusion: Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is actually naturally occurring in your body. So why do you need more of it? With increased amounts of ALA, it has been found to improve recovery in patients with nerve damage 6 such as peripheral neuropathy. If you are a diabetes sufferer, research 7 has also found a clear benefit of ALA in patients experiencing pain from the effects of diabetes.

Find An Upstream Anti-Aging Solution That’s Right For You

At Alternative Disc Therapy, we’re proud to offer the latest and greatest in medical procedures to help you feel like your best self.

Written by Renée Eckerd at Alternative Disc Therapy



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