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Welcome to Alternative Disc Therapy

My name is Warren Bleiweiss. As a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management medical doctor, I have been treating patients seeking relief from chronic neck and back pain for 25 years.

In addition to performing conventional minimally invasive pain procedures, I am one of the few US doctors who have pioneered the introduction of medical oxygen-ozone treatments to this country. I use medical oxygen-ozone to treat many pain conditions including herniated disc, neck, joint and muscle pain. I see my patients dramatically improve or recover.

The injection of oxygen-ozone into muscles and discs has been used for over a decade in Europe, most notably in Italy, to successfully treat patients who are suffering from pain related to disc herniations, sciatica, nerve irritation and a variety of painful disc conditions. Medical ozone treatment as a non-surgical pain relief alternative has not only been shown to be successful, but is almost completely free of complications, side effects and contraindications. What's more, multiple European studies have demonstrated that ozone injection treatments are safe and effective with almost no risk.

I am honored to announce that I am one of only a few MDs in the United States approved by an Institutional Review Board to inject oxygen-ozone into discs. If you feel oxygen-ozone injection therapy can benefit you, contact our office today.

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Warren J. Bleiweiss, M.D.
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